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ProxyDNS FULL unblocks all these services for you:
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Click "Save to Disk", execute it, follow the instructions,
restart your browser and go to Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, etc ;)

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ProxyDNS FULL unblocks all these services for you:

For ProxyDNS to work in Mac you just need to set your DNS:
Open System Preferences and search for "Network"
Inside "Network" select your active connection and click "Advanced"
Go to the DNS tab
Set ProxyDNS as your DNS servers: and
Click "Ok", then "Apply", restart your browser and now you are rocking ProxyDNS ;)
Perfect moment to go and test it out with Netflix or Pandora.

For ProxyDNS to work on any GNU/Linux Distribution:
(as always the most straightforward)
Open the file /etc/resolv.conf with your favourite text editor with root (or sudo) permissions,
edit so that it only contains the following:

Save the file and restart your browser.

These are the most common questions about ProxyDNS:
(if your question is not answered here, feel free to write to support)

How does ProxyDNS work?
It works like a normal DNS Service just that for blocked services
it routes or "proxy" your traffic by something like a 'tunnel' that makes the
service believe that your are surfing from USA.
Does it work with my PS3, XBOX, Apple TV, Roku, etc?
ProxyDNS works best on your computer,
it works good on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Android,
but XBOX, PS3 and Roku are giving a hard battle
we are working on it, but we don't promise anything.
Does it work all over the world?
Yes, the service should work no matter where you are
the only exception is when your ISP provider blocks your DNS requests
to their own DNS server for security reazons, but there is a way to solve it.
Can you sniff my traffic, or see my private information?
ProxyDNS only re-route the traffic that goes to geo-blocked services like
Netflix or Pandora, all the rest of your traffic like IM or GMAIL, goes
just as usual.
Is it safe to use ProxyDNS?
We at ProxyDNS are focused on bringing down geographic barriers, and not interested
on harming or affecting any person in any way. On the contrary, this project is
teaching us a lot about how people want equal access entertaiment and they are not getting it.

Please check if using ProxyDNS is legal in your country before using it, as we do not promote ilegal acts of any kind.
Wich services does ProxyDNS "unblock" so far?
So far, this is the list, you can request more services in the support section:
What's the Guarantee of the service?
ProxyDNS is an experimental and cutting edge technology and as such
it comes with absolutelly no guarantee of any kind.